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Things to Expect After the Installation of Braces

Braces are the best way of helping the misaligned teeth to get back to their normal shape. Many get these separators or spacers to make the dental lining perfect.

The initial days after the installation may cause some discomfort, such as food getting stuck between the metals, etc. However, this feeling will disappear after you get used to their presence in your mouth.

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Braces Installation

The metal braces will be etched onto the teeth with the help of a special glue. Once the brackets are in place, the next step is the installation of wires to keep them in position and avoid the chances of the brackets going out of their place. The elastic bands are then added onto these wires to keep their wires in place.

Braces in Place

In the initial stages, you might not feel much of a difference after the installation of braces. You might notice a sense of presence and pressure on your teeth within the next few days. It is an indication that the braces are doing their job.

Once the braces work starts on your teeth, you will feel slight pain and discomfort. The pain resides for a day or might even extend for a week. In the initial weeks, you might notice,

  • Soreness in gums
  • Soreness in teeth whenever you eat your food
  • Sores or scrapes caused by the metal braces inside the cheeks
  • Cuts or bruises on your tongue due to the unconscious touching of braces

After the installation of braces, you need to visit your dentists whenever they suggest tightening the metal wires. It is due to the constant usage of your jaw for eating, talking, or chewing food.

You can expect some factors during each sitting with your dentists after the installation of braces. They are,

  • Tightening or placement of springs
  • Replacing the wires
  • Tightening the brace bands to get them to work perfectly

Treating the Pain from Braces

With the help of some medications such as Tylenol, ibuprofen, Aleve, etc., you can get rid of the pain from braces. You should consult your dentist immediately if the discomfort from braces is not going down.

The dentists will provide you with wax to rub onto the regions with constant friction from braces in your mouth. This wax will be a barrier between the braces and your skin, avoiding possible cuts and bruises.

Some foods are strictly forbidden from consuming after the installation of braces. Your dentist will offer a list of foods that you should avoid till these metal wires on your teeth.

Some options, such as popcorn, hard and sticky candy, chewing gums, etc., can cause damage to the braces and hence are not to be eaten.